The best way to understand your customers' needs

Collect, Analyse, Prioritise, Notify.

Our Secret Sauce? 
We keep it simple

Integrate Talo to your web application

It takes two clicks to implement Talo on your web application, with a simple snippet. It does not require any coding experience.


Collect users' feedback in one place

No more user surveys left without answers!

Our in-App widget significantly increases the response rate by inviting your users to share their feedback straight from your platform.

Analyse the top and most urgent posts

Cut through the noise with our ranking system and our analytics dashboard.

Clarify the scope of each feature before development with internal and public comments on users' requests.


Prioritise your product roadmap easily

Stop spending countless hours of figuring out how to prioritise your product roadmap and adopt a customer-driven approach.

Close the feedback loop with your customers and internal team members

Send in-app notifications and/or emails to your customers to inform them about the last updates of your product.

Drive customer engagement with improved feature releases adoption.


Bringing your product to the top

Private comments

Make internal comments to discuss feature requests and bug reporting of your customers.

Assign team members

Assign tasks to your team members by priority. Follow progress in one glance.


Analyse who is viewing, commenting and upvoting every post.

Post and vote on behalf

Does your sales or support team have feedback from customers? Submit a request on their behalf.


Delete spam, merge duplicate posts, and update the development status of your users' requests.

Mobile friendly widget

Talo is mobile compatible. Collect feedback from your customers using your web app on their phone.

Increase customer engagement and NPS

Knowing customers is as important as creating a good product. In reality, customers are part of your product.

Talo helps you to interact with them to understand what
they are seeking. This leads to a better customer satisfaction and to a higher mouth-to-mouth.

Get Started

Build a real community around your product

Talo helps you to build a passionate community around your product that will report bugs, ask questions and suggest new features.

All those ingredients are paramount to reach the product market fit.

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